LiteSpeed is a web server software that offers more than Apache. It has caching, logging, and high performance features. LiteSpeed is the best option for small websites or those looking for something different from the standard Apache server software.

Unlike Apache, LiteSpeed is proprietary software and is not free. In exchange for this increased cost, LiteSpeed offers higher performance and new features than similar web server software.

LiteSpeed web server

LiteSpeed was originally developed by LiteSpeed Technologies in July 2003. Since then, it has become one of the most popular web servers because it can handle heavy loads and high traffic. It is also used to host the websites of large companies, government agencies, and universities.

The popularity of LiteSpeed has led to its widespread use in many different industries, such as finance, publishing, education, IT, retail, and even healthcare.

The software was designed to improve web server performance without the need for a corresponding increase in hardware or infrastructure capacity. One of the key ways that LiteSpeed does this is through LSCache, a pluggable caching module that LiteSpeed uses to manage the cache.


To get the most out of your web server software, you need a good caching solution. With LiteSpeed, you can use LSCache to manage your server cache and ensure that your sites load quickly and correctly. LSCache is highly customizable and can be used to increase the speed of WordPress sites, Joomla! sites, and more. Since LSCache is built into LiteSpeed, you don’t need to worry about installing any third-party caching.


Most websites in use today currently use a combination of HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2. These hypertext transfer protocols are responsible for transferring information over computer networks and form the basis of what we call the “Internet”. As technology evolves, these protocols are regularly updated.

The new version of HTTP that is being prepared is HTTP/3. This technology is not widely used today, in part because many types of web server software are not compatible with HTTP/3, and many web browsers do not currently support HTTP/3 traffic. LiteSpeed does support HTTP/3 traffic, making it one of the few web server software solutions capable of doing so. Thus, LiteSpeed is ideal for users who want to take advantage of the latest version of HTTP.

Clearly, LiteSpeed offers unique benefits that help offset the costs associated with proprietary software.

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