Alias, Alias is a domain that points to another domain or website. It is also referred to as a CNAME record. The purpose of an alias is to provide an alternate domain name for a website or to provide the same content at different URLs.

For example, if you own the domain ““, you can also have an alias alias ““. Buy a domain cheaply

In its simplest form, an alias can be used as a redirect URL for the original site. For example, if your company has moved to a new location and you want visitors to be able to access your old office from the new office, you can set up an alias with the old address and redirect to the new address.

A more complicated use of aliases can be when you use different domains for different purposes – one domain might have your main website, and another might have your blog or portfolio site, accessible only to people who have subscribed to your email list or logged in. to their account on your main site.

If you use an SSL certificate for your main domain and want to protect alias aliases, you will also need SSL certificates for the aliases.

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