Hello friends, now I will tell you how and where to buy a domain or also called “how to buy a domain name”. Briefly what is a domain – a unique name of your site that you come up with yourself and register. This name should be unique and memorable in fact it is your brand.

How to buy a domain for the site order of actions

  1. You need to choose a hosting company to buy a domain. There are a lot of them to look at the age of the company itself how long it has been operating for what services, offers and read reviews about it because the domain you register for a year. You should be sure that the company will work for a year without problems and your domain also.

Pay attention! Almost all hosting companies do not refund money for the purchase of a domain. If you registered and paid there will be no refund. Only our company can refund your domain within 2 business days.

2. And so you have chosen hosting now you need to choose a domain zone. The coolest ones are. com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .ua, .ru, com.ua, you can choose any domain zone. Even if you live in Ukraine, but you want to choose the zone .ru for your site and sell services in Russia you can do it without problems. In Ukraine zone.ua, is registered only when you register a trademark and a company. All other zones can be bought without a trademark just need to make a payment to the hosting registrar.


Important moment! In Ukraine at the moment is a ban on the domain zone.ru You can buy, but your site will not open in the browser to all residents living in Ukraine. Therefore, choose the zone for the domain wisely.

3.After registering the domain you need to do one more action to attach the domain to the hosting, which will host your site. Let’s say you bought a domain in one company, and hosting in another how do you attach the domain to the hosting.


How to do it?

  1. Go to the domain settings.
  2. DNS servers section
  3. You need to specify the DNS-servers of the hosting company to which you want to attach the domain (DNS-servers – it can be two or eight inscriptions host yora we have such

ns1.hostkoss.com and ns2.hostkoss.com)

  1. When you change DNS your domain will stop working for a while do not be frightened it should be so wait 24 hours, and then the new DNS records will take effect and the domain will work.

Tip! If you register a domain and hosting in one hosting company, you do not need to do this. Everything will be done automatically.

How do I buy a busy domain?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to buy a busy domain you need to wait until it becomes available then you can buy it.

How do I buy a domain and hosting?

Buy a domain and hosting in one payment for a whole year. All simple go choose a tariff, write domin make payment. The result you get a domain and hosting for a year.

How to buy a domain for a website forever?

Buy a domain forever you can not get the maximum you can buy for 10 years. When this period ends you will have to pay for the domain again.

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