Domain verification is very necessary when you need to borrow a domain name, or find out when the domain name lease expires. There are many other important nuances. Which can be found out as a result of the check.

What is the purpose of domain name verification

On the Internet, each search engine contains a huge number of different algorithms that analyze the performance and characteristics of each resource on many parameters. Websites and pages during the period of their functioning undergo a huge number of analyses and checks. On the characteristics of the domain name can not be automatically imposed checks, as they are regularly changed. In this regard, numerous checks are subjected to the address of the resource, or its domain name.

In a situation where the page or site posted non-unique materials, published prohibited materials (propaganda of violence, drugs, alcohol, etc.), if through the site sold or purchased low-quality links, spam, then such a domain name is under the filter, or in other words, blocked. Each of the users of social networks at least once faced a situation where when you click on a link appears a warning message, and the transition to the site is not performed. This is an example of a blocked domain.

That is why it is very important to know how to check the domain when you need to acquire it for personal use. If by ignorance happens to acquire just such a domain, then in the future there will be difficulties with promotion and optimization of such a site.

Get complete, thorough information about the domain is almost unrealistic. However, if you perform a check, it is possible to analyze the collected information and use it.

How to check the domain of the site

There are several ways to verify a domain. As a rule. Special services or programs are used for this purpose. This is a paid service. This is an official registrar, which is quite easy and simple to use. It is enough to go to the link After that, you need to go through the registration procedure. In parallel with filling out the required fields, you need to replenish the registrar’s account with the requested amount of money. The cost of the service is $13.95 USD.

After completing the registration and payment for the service, you can start checking the domain of the site. This service is recommended to use in the case when the user has already decided on the domain and need to check specifically selected option, as numerous checks of the domain site can fly out in a penny. This is a free service with which you can get publicly available information about the domain name. Its activity extends to the following zones: .com, .org, .ru, .su, .rf. There is no need to use the advanced functionality, as it will not provide any decisive data.

To get the necessary information, you need to enter the address in the search box in the green frame and activate the “find” key.

After that, the user will see a window with a lot of data. The service systematizes information for each requested year.
What information the service allows you to get:

  • where the hosting is hosted, its drivers;
  • availability status;
  • who carried out the registration. Here it is worth noting that the service will only show that the registration was made by a natural or legal person. Access to personal data is not possible;
  • information about the registrar purchased
  • age, or date of registration;
  • the number when the renewal was carried out (if any).

The most important information that this service allows you to get is whether the domain has had a host before, or whether it has not been used by anyone yet. If you manage to find out that the domain has been used before, you should use other services to get more detailed information. – This is a service that allows you to get information about all incoming and outgoing links and analyze them. If earlier on the checked domain address was placed a site, and it was indexed in normal mode, then with the help of this service you can find out what links were on it or which of them referred to this page. Thus, with the help of this service you can find out on what subject the resource was created, and what quality of links were used.

When validating, the user must insert the link in the appropriate row and mark the time period to be validated. – This is a special program that takes screenshots of pages and sites and saves them automatically. The main disadvantage of this service is the ability to make screenshots of only popular and popular sites. Those links that were on the page for a short time or used once, rarely, n will not show. Service, which is called the World Internet Archive, which periodically saves a view of the page for the entire period of its activity. With the help of the service you can find out how at different stages of existence looked like the site and how it was modified.

The topmost line shows the years of existence and the number of transformations and modifications. Below is a calendar with special markers indicating the dates on which changes were saved and archived. If you click on these marks, you can see the appearance of the site.

Those who are thinking how to check domain records, how to protect themselves, this program will help to make sure that there is no violation of the law or detect its presence.

Check through search engines. It is not at all superfluous to use the world-famous search engines – Yandex,, Google, etc. In order to check what “memories” they have stored, you need to type in the search bar full domain name without any abbreviations and activate the key “search”. Here it is important to realize that no quotes, punctuation marks and extra spaces do not need to put, as the search engine will display only the exact occurrences of the words contained in the query.

RDS bar – This is a kind of extension for the browser, which allows users to get the necessary information about a particular site or page. In the case that the site at the given domain address is not open, the service will still show statistical data. In this case, you need to install an extension. In the browser line you need to enter the address being checked and try to open it. When a notification about inaccessibility appears, click on the icon in the upper right corner.

If the numbers that appear are not zeros, it means that the domain name has been used and indexed before. If you activate the numbers that appear, you will be able to get more detailed statistics.

Some right holders or registrars have the ability to encrypt or classify some information – about the registrar or the period when he used this domain name. Sometimes the data is inaccessible not only because the user deliberately hid it, but also because in the region where the domain is used, access to certain information is prohibited by law.

The article lists the main and most common ways to check the free domain. Before you purchase a certain domain address, you should definitely check it. This will protect the user and avoid a lot of problems. There are a large number of special programs and services that can come to the rescue. However, many of them have to be combined, used in the aggregate one by one to get the most useful information.

Tip! Everyone who is going to buy or use domains for personal use, it is recommended to study how to check the domain name with the help of the above services and programs. They can easily be used by everyone. Checking and analyzing the obtained data will help to get rid of many difficulties and in the future to successfully promote and optimize their business projects.


What is domain verification?

Domain verification is the process of confirming ownership of a domain name to ensure its authenticity and prevent unauthorized access.

Why is domain verification important?

Domain verification is crucial for security, legal compliance, and maintaining trust and credibility in the online sphere.

Can domain verification prevent domain theft?

While domain verification enhances security, it may not guarantee prevention of domain theft entirely. However, it significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access and misuse.

How often should domain verification be done?

Domain verification should be done regularly, especially when updating domain registration information or encountering suspicious activities.

Are there any free domain verification tools available?

Yes, several domain registrars offer free domain verification tools as part of their services. Additionally, there are third-party platforms that provide free or freemium options for domain verification.

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