The site -this is one or more web documents merged with one domain name. Web documents, in turn, have a certain purpose, theme and design. The site can consist of both one page and a few pages. For any request, Google gives answers. Each such page is part of any site. Also, a page in a social network, where people post their photos and posts posts, is also a piece of one big site.

Why do you need a website?

  • Companies and firms sites are created primarily for commercial purposes in order to attract a client. And private individuals get some benefits for themselves:
  • Communication. With the current rhythm of life, people often do not have enough time to meet with their friends. But go to the social network, drop a couple of photos or chat in the comments - it's a good alternative to live communication.
  • Teaching. Internet schools are becoming increasingly popular. They are created in order to teach a person some skills, new Internet professions, foreign language, etc. Search for the necessary information: it may be a review of the purchased goods, various Layfhak, etc.
    Advertising. The Internet is the largest platform for advertising, and web sites are a good opportunity to declare themselves and their business.
  • Earnings.In our time, there are many professions related to earning money on the Internet: copywriter, sales manager, personal assistant, web designer and others.
  • What is the site?

  • Design - the first thing that we pay attention to when it comes to the site is its visual design. That is, fonts, color composition, buttons, sections, and general style of the site should be properly combined and fully consistent with its subject and content.
  • Content - To familiarize the user with the theme of the project, the owner places on the pages of the article, photographs and illustrations, links, video and audio materials.
  • Code - everything that happens at the moment of clicking on any button or link is coded by programmers. Due to this, the user redirects to the page he needs, and runs remote commands on the server. In general, everything works as intended by the creators. Code is divided into:
    The first one is responsible for everything that is related to the design, that is, the visual display of the page and the position of all the elements on it. To write the interface code, the following programming languages ​​are used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
    The server code executes complex user inquiries, such as, for example, creating a new user and storing it in a database, processing orders in an online store, and so on. The presence of the server code does not require a single page site, since there is no way to place an order or create an account. As server-side there are such programming languages ​​as PHP, Java, Ruby.
  • What are the sites?

  • Now there is a huge number of sites on different topics and aimed at different target audience. For example, they can be divided into:
    Informational These include sites in which a person finds useful information for himself, learns something, or receives advice. For example, the site of recipes, fishing, etc. Entertaining.Here you can open chat rooms for conversations on different topics, dating; collections of jokes, funny videos, interesting stories.
    Sold are created with the purpose of selling goods and making money.
    Site mixed type - pursues several goals at once: entertain the audience and sell the goods. These include social networks and blogs.
  • Site of the business card There are several pages that are informative about the company, its kind of activity, its projects and services it provides.
  • Site directory contains a list and description of services or goods with photos and prices, as well as contact data.
  • Landing - This is just a one-page site aimed at presenting a product or services and contact information.
    The more complex designs include an online store site that differs from the directory by the fact that a person can directly through him to arrange and pay the order. A social network or blog is aimed at a large audience with different interests and needs. Here you can find both useful information and entertaining, and to buy / sell goods / services.
  • How to make the site itself

  • To create a site for yourself, you must first decide on its idea, content, and what role it will perform. There are companies that are engaged in the creation of Internet sites. There are programmers, web designers, developers and other experts who will do everything for your preference.
    But if you decide to create a site yourself, then the designers of the sites and CMS-systems will help you in this case. These tools are easy to use and do not require any programming knowledge.
  • Website designer This is a program that allows you to create a playground from the finished parts. That is, there is an empty page first, which can be filled in with the necessary elements, add colors and resize them. You can also take a ready template and edit it to your needs. The main disadvantage of such applications is the limitation in functionality, so site designers will not be suitable for complex projects with a large number of tasks. But for a blog, a portfolio or a small online store, it's okay.
  • CMS system - This is a software that allows you to create web pages and fill them with content without programming skills. In this case, the CMS system does not limit you to the settings and functions, which creates new opportunities for creating, for example, surveys or online chats inside the site. You can also use the template and change it under you without any restrictions, install plug-ins and come up with a design.
  • What you need to see the site people

  • Hosting This is the place on the server for data storage. To see the site people, you need to place it on the hosting site in order to store its data, files, code and web documents there. You can create a hosting on your computer, but it's easier and wiser to buy it from a specialized company. Order hosting
  • Domain name This is the alphabetical name of the site. Without a domain name it would be necessary to enter in the search engine the address of the hosting server, which looks like a set of digits. But it's hard to remember. Therefore, they came up with a domain name, with which the user can easily find your site on the Internet. Order domains