The opportunity to receive services from the hostkoss hosting company is provided to each of the clients after reading them. Here is a list of terms and conditions of use:

Placement of sites:
  • 1.1. aimed at promoting or supporting activities contrary to the laws of the Ukraine;
  • 1.2. Have in their archives or warez, sending information that is someone's intellectual property;
  • 1.3. popularize software malware or distribute protection withdrawal options, as well as passwords to user resources;
  • 1.4. pornographic character;
  • 1.5. with gambling or internet casinos.
    Execute actions that include:
  • 1.6. moving to another data center;
  • 1.7. spam and virus on the server;
  • 2.1. illegal transfer or copying of software;
  • 2.2. transferring or copying of any files without the permission of the person who owns the exclusive copyright for them;
  • 2.3. data transfer or software that contains malicious programs or may adversely affect the functioning of computers having an Internet connection;
  • 2.4. sale of narcotic or toxic substances in the absence of the necessary documents for its resolution;
  • 2.6. use of any bot programs that run the remote console in the system without prior agreement;
  • 2.7. activities that are contrary to international law or the laws of the Ukraine.
    Abuse the acquired right to provide resources by performing any of the following actions:
  • 3.1. hacking - illegal entry into the system;
  • 3.2. making changes to the information contained in the headers of emails distributed by e-mail;
  • 3.3. Spam - sending unused letters, regardless of their quantitative and qualitative characteristics, to users without their consent to carry out the above actions, sending unused information of an advertising nature to newsgroups and / or to users' mailboxes. The term “letter” includes any message that was sent through the use of the Internet, including all types of instant messengers, various means of data transmission, as well as replies to forums, websites, and so on.
  • 3.4. mailbombing - sending the same letters in large quantities to a specific e-mail box and / or putting these persons on the mailing list without warning and permission, sending letters of inappropriate subject in a newsgroup;
  • 3.5. network flood - the use of traffic / network packets through work with user equipment;
  • 3.6. trolling - sending insulting letters to trigger a negative reaction;
  • 3.7. port scanning on any available networks, including the hostkoss system
    Responsibility of the parties:
  • 6.1. Hosting company is not responsible for:
  • 6.2. The hosting company can not under any circumstances be liable beyond the amount that was paid by the user as payment for the services provided.
  • 6.3. The hosting company does not bear any responsibility in force majeure.
  • 6.4. is not responsible for any delays or damage resulting from:
  • 6.5. Suspension or termination of the site due to violation of the above rules.
    Blocking hosting / termination of cooperation:
  • 7.0. Debt payment services.
  • 7.1. Spam in all its manifestations.
  • 7.2. Entering the server's IP address into black lists.
  • 7.3. Participation in outgoing DOS / dDOS attacks.
  • 7.4. The spread of viruses or malicious code.
  • 7.5. Intensive incoming DDOS attack on the client's server, which interferes with the normal operation of the network.
  • 7.6. Use of services of the Contractor for any illegal purposes.
  • 7.8. Incorrect communication with employees of the Contractor, including rudeness, use of non-regulatory vocabulary, threats.
  • 7.9. Not responding to content complaints from copywriting and other organizations.
  • 8.0. Any refund will be denied if the termination of the service is caused by the violation by the Client of the rules set forth in this offer.
  • 8.1. Orders for hosting sites and domain names will be deleted 30 days after the order is stopped if there is no payment.
  • 8.2. Free DNS hosting service will be deleted after 30 days if it is not used.
    Terms of use of free hosting
  • 9.0. Impersonating another person or organization.
  • 9.1. It is forbidden to register more than one account.
  • 9.2. Use accounts only to store files.
  • 9.3. Harassment or disturbance of other people in any way.
  • 9.4. Providing forged documents using the services of the Contractor.
  • 9.5. Downloads, distribution, transmission of any material for the purpose of distribution, broadcasting, broadcasting.
  • 9.6. Use chat, proxy scripts or scripts designed to download files from the site.
  • 9.7. Use scripts "Autosurfing", "Paying for surfing", books sites and the like.
  • 9.8. Create and use sites torrent-trackers and the like.
  • 9.9. The client must log in to the account at least once for 14 days in order for it to be active.
  • 9.9.1 Each Client site used on a free hosting service must have at least 2 visitors within 14 days.
    Technical support.
    NOT obliged:
  • 10.0. Install \ Configure for the client scripts that he for some reason can not install on their own.
  • 10.1. Configure the Web server for individual client needs at the site hosting rates.
  • 10.2. Provide technical support to third parties. As practice shows, we never refuse a client and always try to help, even if it is not part of our responsibilities.
  • 10.3. These rules may be amended or supplemented unilaterally at any time without notice.

    Dedicated server and VPS

    10.4. Dedicated servers - paused ahead of the last day of the lease in the month in the absence of payment. (The server will be removed on the remaining day of the month, in the absence of payment.)
    10.4. The VPS server will be deleted 1 day after the order is stopped in case of no payment.