Profitable affiliate program

BRING NEW FRIENDS AND RECEIVE 42% interest on every payment.


You don't have to be a client to become an advertising partner of the company. It is enough to familiarize yourself with its services and tell your acquaintances, subscribers, readers about them. Try to attract attention to the service, make an attractive advertisement, and you can get a stable affiliate income. A profitable affiliate program, the interest on which is almost half of the income, is profitable.

Hostcoss offers more than just profitable affiliate program, but also high-quality hosting. The company has a good reputation. Reviews of its work is not difficult to find on the network. To advertise such a product is easy and pleasant. Offering to buy hosting through an affiliate link, you will not have to blush in front of your readers.


Benefits of the affiliate program: Large reward to the advertising partner, 42%. Simple and transparent terms of cooperation. All data on referrals and payments you will find in the personal cabinet of the user. Quality service that is easy to sell. Readers and subscribers will only be grateful for useful information about quality hosting. The opportunity to receive a stable income. Actively developing hosting company offers its advertising partners not a one-time fee, but a stable regular income.

How it works: Advertising the company's services through partners with whom the target audience overlaps is profitable and effective. By telling your buyers, customers or readers about a quality hosting service, you can earn without losing anything. To join the program, you need to go through registration at The user's personal profile contains a personalized referral link. It is generated for each partner individually. A website visitor, following a referral link, becomes a referral, generating income if he buys a hosting service. The advertising partner receives a percentage from each payment.

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Why are affiliate hosting programs profitable? Unlike most affiliate programs, hosting affiliates are profitable. They bring tangible income. Hostcoss offers as much as 42% from each payment, and this is not nonsense. This approach is economically explainable. Most of the costs incurred by the hoster are weakly dependent on the number of clients. Economists call such costs fixed. The value of variable costs associated with the service of each client is small. Therefore, hosts are interested in attracting as many customers as possible and are willing to pay generously for them. Companies that seek to increase their market share offer more favorable conditions to advertising partners.

Over time, the partner's income only grows. Successful projects of clients who have bought hosting are expanding. They need more and more server space and better, faster hosting. Fees for the service grow. Partner's referral income also grows.

Place an affiliate link on your website, and you will have a chance to earn 42% of your hosting service revenue from the customer you refer. Try to make sure that site visitors pay attention to the referral link. The more prominent it will be, the higher the chance to earn on the affiliate program.