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Why did we set up free web hosting?

Because we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to realize their dream of having their own website.
Hostkoss provides free web hosting specifically designed for those who are just starting their journey in building websites.
We offer you a reliable infrastructure with fast and stable connections so you can focus on what's
really important to you - creating unique content and engaging your audience.

Why choose us? Here's what you get with our free web hosting:

1. Reliability and stability: Forget about worrying about the availability of your website. We ensure that your web project will always be online, ready to delight your visitors 24/7. Our reliable infrastructure is the key to your success in the online world.

2. Easy to use: Creating and managing your website doesn't have to be complicated. Our easy-to-understand interface makes the process of creating a website a breeze, even for those new to web development. No technical complexities - just the fun of creating.

3. Fast connection: Your time is valuable, and we understand that. Our powerful servers ensure that your pages load instantly, giving your visitors fast and instant access to your content. No delays - just incredible speed.

4. Ad-free: We have no hidden terms and conditions or intrusive advertising. Your site remains clean and professional, with no extraneous elements to distract your visitors. Hostkoss is your space for creativity, not banner ads.

Choose Hostkoss - where reliability, simplicity and speed meet in a single hosting solution, giving you the perfect platform to realize your online ideas. Create, impress, thrive - with hostkoss!

Free Web Hosting Plan:

Your first step into the world of web hosting starts with our free web hosting plan.
No hidden fees, no arcane restrictions - just a clean space for your online site.
Get access to the basics with reliable hosting at no cost.

Free Web Hosting
0 $ per month
2 $ per month
4 $ per month

Free SSL

Provide your website with Let's Encrypt SSL certificates. Protect your online project from potential threats.

Web sites

Maximum number of sites allowed in one account:




Control panel

cPanel Control Panels - Intuitive tool allows you to easily configure, manage databases, set up mailboxes and more.




FTP accounts

The maximum number of FTP accounts allowed in a single account:




Object Cache

Object caching is about speeding up the performance of your WordPress site. This process saves the results of database queries, giving your site the ability to retrieve data instantly on the next request. As a result, your site runs so fast that users hardly notice the data loading instantly. How to connect: install the Redis Object Cache plugin on your WordPress site.

Server location

Placement of servers in Ukraine and Germany allows for fast access.

Germany, Finland

Germany, Finland

Germany, Finland

Limited traffic

We don't set traffic limits on your account. Let your site grow, attracting more and more visitors - we have the resources to support you.




Daily backups

Every day, our servers automatically create copies of all your data. These daily backups are retained for 7 days, ensuring that you can restore your information at any point in the last week.

Email accounts

Ability to create email addresses based on your domain, quantity in one account:



SSD NVMe disk

Our servers are equipped with advanced SSD NVMe drives, ensuring maximum performance and reliability for your web project.

300 MB

5 GB

10 GB

MySQL databases

The maximum number of MySQL databases allowed in one account:




WordPress Multisite

WordPress Multisite is an innovative solution for those who seek convenience and time-saving features. With our hosting, you can take full advantage of this feature, creating and managing multiple sites with ease.

DNS management

We provide access to advanced settings, allowing you to change A records, CNAME, MX and other parameters. All of this is done with ease.

Payment Methods

We accept all types of Visa and Mastercard to make your payment experience as smooth as possible. Simply enter your details and your funds will be credited to your account instantly.

Processor CPU

CPU limit, which ranges from 2 to 24 depending on the plan you choose.





The limit is set to limit RAM from 512 megabytes to an impressive 10 gigabytes, depending on the plan you choose.


1 GB

1 GB

24/7 support

99.9% Uptime

Cron jobs

How to get started with free web hosting?

Creating your own website with Hostkoss is easy and fun. We offer a simple
four-step path to your online project.

Step 1: Register a free hosting account

You only need a few minutes to create your personal account on Hostkoss. Registration is the first step to your unique web project.

Step 2: Choose a tool to build your website

Hostkoss provides a wide range of tools from popular CMS such as WordPress, Joomla and OpenCart to creating your own HTML project - the choice is yours.

Step 3: Create your website

Now the fun part is turning your concept into reality! Add unique content, eye-catching images and creative web elements.

Step 4: Create a free SSL

Secure your website with our free SSL certificate. Protect your visitors' data and boost the credibility of your web project.

Don't wait: Start taking action now!

We guarantee that our Free Hosting
is the best on the market!

💬 You don't believe me? We have a team of experts ready to help you 24/7 Ask questions in chat or create a support ticket. We are here to help!









Our partners

Our company successfully cooperates with leading representatives of Ukrainian and foreign businesses.
We have a wide range of offers, which we constantly implement in various areas. Our clients have the opportunity to receive
the highest quality service and constant support. We use modern technologies and offer competitive prices.


I had no doubts about my decision because they made the process so easy and smooth. I was able to choose a hosting provider without much searching or frustration. Thank you, hostcos! Read more reviews
Hostkoss offers easy and convenient hosting. They were always available to answer any questions I had throughout the process and they made the process so easy! Read more reviews

Questions about free web hosting: What's important to know?

FAQ from hostkoss

While we do not provide free domains, we support freedom of choice. You can easily connect your domain to our web hosting, providing your project with a professional look and feel.

We understand that growing your project may require additional resources. At hostkoss, you can always easily upgrade to a paid plan with advanced features.

Forever, as long as your website is active and your domain is running! We believe that your success is our success, and that's why your free plan will be valid as long as our Hostkoss web hosting exists.

On the free Hostkoss plan, you can host up to 2 websites and get an impressive 300M space for your content. This is ideal for startups, personal blogs and those who are just starting their journey in the web world.

At hostkoss you will get everything you need to make your web project successful: excellent performance, instant loading, and of course, limitless creative possibilities for websites.

Hostkoss gives you complete control over your files. Use our intuitive web interface or use FTP for a more technical approach. We support a variety of methods so you can choose what you're comfortable with.

Yes, free web hosting we do exist! But don't think that means compromising on quality. Hostkoss provides free hosting with the same advanced features as our paid plans.

Hostkoss provides you with free web hosting so that you can realize your online projects. However, to ensure stability and security, we sometimes verify that your personal information is filled out correctly. If your free hosting has been canceled, the first step is to verify that the data, including first and last name, in your profile is correct.