Web site


What is a website?

A site is one or more web documents merged with one domain name. Web documents, in turn, have a certain purpose, theme and design. The site can consist of both one page and a few pages. For any request, Google gives answers. Each such page is part of any site. Also, a page in some social network, where a person publishes his photos and posts posts, is also a piece of one big site..[..] Read in full

What is the domain of the site

Domains have been designed to make it easier to find sites on the World Wide Web. Previously, I had to keep an IP address in my head, a sequence of 4 numbers, separated by dots. This email address points to the server where the resource is located. You can keep several such numbers in memory, however, when the number of such addresses reaches dozens, confusion will begin. You can make an analogy. Few people know the phone numbers in memory, they are simply added to the memory of the phone and assign them a name.[..] Read in full