Placement of several sites in cPanel at the same time

If you need to create an additional site in your account and attach another domain to it, you will need to add a domain in the Domains -> Additional Domains section. In this case, you will need to specify the domain name and access password. Please note that by default, the directory for the additional domain will be created as a directory in the main domain (/public_html/ We still recommend specifying the home directory of the domain being added outside of / public_html. You must edit the path to it in the Document Root field. After clicking the Add Domain button, you will be able to upload content to the specified directory and, provided that this domain is located on our name-servers or its A-record is sent to the IP address specified in the letter about the account creation, will be available. If you are not ready to redirect the domain to our name servers, until you are sure that the site is hosted, we recommend using the instructions for creating a second temporary link in cPanel. You can also easily create a subdomain for the main domain. To do this, go to the Domains -> Subdomains section. You will be prompted to enter a subdomain name and select which domain you want to create a subdomain for. If you need to create an arbitrary A or CNAME record for the domain that uses the and name servers, you can use the Simple DNS zone editor in the Domains section..