Using FTP to manage files

By default, when creating a cPanel account, one FTP account is created. To connect to it, use the FTP server:, where is the domain you specified as the master, the login and password are similar to the access to cPanel, port 21. The login details to cPanel were sent to you in the letter about the creation of the virtual hosting Importantly! If you have upgraded the domain servers and the DNS cache update has not yet been completed, there will be an error connecting to In this case, use the IP- as the server for the FTP connection to create your hosting account. This information can be seen in the hosting activation email. In the Files -> FTP Accounts section, you can download a configuration file for an FTP client that is convenient for you, as well as create and manage additional FTP accounts if necessary.

For the main domain, files must be uploaded to the / public_html folder.