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Do you want to get a quality virtual hosting at a low price?
The company "hostcoss" will help you and will do everything necessary to satisfy your wishes!

  • MINI
  • $0,49 / month
  • 500Mb / Disk space
  • 2 / Number of sites
  • 2 / MySQL databases
  • 2 / Email accounts
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  • $0,75 / month
  • 2000Mb / Disk space
  • 5 / Number of sites
  • 5 / MySQL databases
  • 5 / Email accounts
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  • $1,99 / month
  • 10000Mb / Disk space
  • 25 / Number of sites
  • 25 / MySQL databases
  • 25 / Email accounts
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What is hosting - a system of servers working around the clock, on which "sites" are stored. Hosting services allow you to maintain the site throughout the day for a low price.

  • Web hosting for business allows you to get great website performance at affordable prices. Your site will not be disabled, etc. thanks to powerful servers. So to say, web hosting is the rental of specialized equipment to support your store or page in a working condition.

  • Hosting and domain prices are relatively low compared to other companies. And this is achieved due to the lack of a great deal of services, because we have already cooperated with more than 10,000 satisfied customers and our profit comes from a large volume.

  • That is why all serious companies and online stores only work with companies that provide paid hosting with excellent value for money - quality. The price of a paid hosting server directly depends on the amount allocated to the sites. For example, if you run 1-2 sites, then the price will be significantly lower than if you had 10, or even more.

  • In addition, our hostcoss company provides ongoing protection against DDoS attacks. This means that competitors and hackers will in no way be able to stop the work of the site. Our web-hosting is suitable not only for sites that need to be supported, but also for sites that are actively developing and which require hosting from mysql.

  • Also, we are ready to provide new customers FREE 30-day trial period! In order to activate it, it's enough to choose the fare that suits you. At the bottom of the tariff there is the inscription "test 30 days". You click on it and draw up a test period! We will be happy for your order.


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