What is hosting?

When we kill the site's search engine, its page appears on the screen. We can flip through the image, follow the links, click on the buttons ... The system will respond to all our actions all the time. But did you ever think about how it all works? In fact, each site's files are stored on a special computer called server. On demand, he gives our browser the page we need. The larger the site, the more active its visitors, the more resources and location it takes to store its data. [..] Read in full


We earn on reselling hosting

On the Internet you can find quite a lot of resources devoted to all sorts of issues of creating and promoting websites. Usually, the owners of these projects earn on contextual and banner advertising, selling links. Since the hosting is rented for a long time, webmasters do not have the opportunity to regularly receive news about many hosting providers. [..] Read in full