How to work with the cPanel control panel

The current guide is primarily aimed at newcomers to the hosting industry to help figure out how to work with the cPanel control panel and how to host a website. Immediately after activating your shared hosting, you will receive access details to your account in cPanel. [..] Read completely

How to start on a shared hosting?

First, it is necessary that your domain be sent to the correct nameservers in order for cPanel to automatically create the necessary records when creating subdomains or setting up mail, without additional actions on your part. [..] Read completely

How to "download" site to hosting?

Typically, the FTP protocol is used to download data to the hosting. To do this, you will need an FTP client on your local computer. At the moment, there are many programs that support FTP, including FileZilla, TotalCommander, SmartFTP, CoreFTP and others. [..] Read completely

Using FTP to manage files

By default, when creating a cPanel account, 1 FTP account is also created. To connect to it, use the FTP server:, where is the domain you specified as main, login and password are similar to access to cPanel, port 21. Login details to cPanel were sent to you in a virtual creation letter hosting .. [..] Read completely

Using the built-in file manager in cPanel

It is also possible to manage files using the file manager built into cPanel. With it, you can easily place your site on the hosting without any experience. You can access it from the Account main page in the Files -> File Manager section. [..] Read completely

Creating a database in cPanel

Most of the sites require a database to store information about customers, products, articles and other information. At the moment we provide the opportunity to use 2 types of databases - MySQL and PostgreSQL. The most popular is the MySQL database. [..] Read completely

Placement of several sites in cPanel at the same time

If you need to create an additional site in your account and attach another domain to it, you will need to add a domain in the Domains -> Additional Domains section. [..] Read completely

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