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Andrii Kostashchuk
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CyberPanel is a server control panel for Ubuntu and CentOS 7.x operating systems. It allows users to easily control and administer their servers and get the most out of their IT budget without hiring a dedicated administrator or paying expensive fees to outsourcing firms. With…

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Andrii Kostashchuk
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Domains were invented to make it easier to find sites on the World Wide Web. In the past, you had to keep in mind the IP address, a sequence of 4 numbers that are separated by dots. This address indicates the server where the resource…

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Andrii Kostashchuk
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A website is one or more web documents linked by a single domain name. Web documents, in turn, have a specific purpose, theme, and design. A website can consist of one or more pages. For any query, Google gives variants of answers. Each such page…

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Andrii Kostashchuk
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A data center is a physical room or complex of rooms specially designed to store and process large amounts of information. From small server rooms to huge data centers, data centers play a critical role in ensuring the reliability, security and availability of data. The…