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Hosting Rules, and Other Legal Information

cPanel 11

Detailed cPanel control panel setup instructions

Questions on domains. DNS, SSL 7

Learn how to add a domain, how to set up SSL, or create a subdomain for a site.

Reseller hosting. 7

Detailed instructions on setting up reseller hosting.

The most common site errors 6

What do the web server error codes mean?

Управление VPS linux 7

Подробные инструкции по настройки и управление VPS linux

Hosting 17

Collection of questions and answers to everything related to hosting

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 User agreement

The opportunity to receive services from the hostkoss hosting company is provided to each of the...

 Do you have a refund?

Refunds are provided for all services except domains. If you are dissatisfied with the quality of...

 Data center and country of placement

All services are provided on the equipment, which is located in the data center - Germany.

 How to use SSL certificates in cPanel?

cPanel standardly issues its SSL certificate for 3 months and automatically renews it for your...

 Do you obey the law?

Yes, we obey international law.